“Seaing” is Believing: The Best Boat Trips around Malta

Undoubtedly, a most unique way to experience the sights and colours of the Maltese Islands is from the surrounding Mediterranean Sea. Dotting the coastline of Malta and its sister islands, Gozo and Comino are a variety of postcard-perfect landmarks and seascapes that are best taken in from on board a boat.

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Here are our absolute favourite panoramic vistas of the Maltese Islands which we love to share with our on-board guests while on their Azure Ultra yacht charter:


1. Vittoriosa Waterfront

Home to the Azure Ultra fleet is the glamorous, recently restored waterfront on the western side of the 16th century port town of Vittoriosa. Lined with al fresco dining establishments nestled among buildings dating from the times of the Knights of St John, Birgu waterfront is a happening place where a layered history, exquisite food and luxury yachts converge within this ancient naval base.

A must-visit is the national Maritime Museum, housed inside the former British Naval Bakery. Here lie numerous artefacts, the most precious of which include the largest Roman anchor to be discovered worldwide and a working marine steam engine from the mid-20th century.

2. Lower Barrakka Gardens

Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre offering breathtaking views from all angles. A yacht charter around Malta's Grand Harbour will allow you to witness the historical richness and grandeur of the island's capital.

Among the prominent architectural monuments dominating Valletta’s skyline from the Grand Harbour side are the Lower Barrakka Gardens, located on the city’s eastern flank and overlooking its imposing bastions. Fully visible from the sea is the gardens’ Siege Bell war memorial – a round stone structure containing the largest bell on the Maltese Islands.

3. Marsamxett Harbour

The legendary Valletta skyline and waterfront on the Marsamxett Harbour side lie to the north of the larger Grand Harbour. Encapsulating the historical Manoel Island across shore, this panoramic harbour showcases the Maltese capital in its full glory.

Pristinely preserved 16th century bastion walls from the times of the Knights Order run along this stretch of coast. The 19th century, 63-metre tall steeple of St Paul’s Anglican Pro-Cathedral and the even taller 73-metre high basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel soar above the cityscape while colourful traditional Maltese balconies overlook the deep waters. Each of these landmarks compose a visual journey through Valletta's eclectic and often turbulent maritime history.

4. St Peter’s Pool

A glistening, natural body of azure and turquoise waters, St Peter’s Pool is situated in the southwest of the island on the Delimara peninsula, close to the charming fishing village of Marsaxlokk.

Although growing steadily in popularity among bathers who make their way to this remote, smooth white rock beach every summer, this coastal gem still makes for a quieter anchor stop where to enjoy a swim, a spot of snorkelling and lunch on board, away from the heavily crowded beaches to the north of Malta.


5. Mġarr Harbour

If you take a boat trip around Gozo, the first thing you’ll immediately catch sight of the bustling harbour of Mġarr. It is here that the Gozo ferry makes its regular drop-off stops before it departs back to the main island. Fishermen can be seen preparing their nets before they sail out on their daily catch expedition. The adjacent harbour marina serves yachts stopping over on this second largest island of the Maltese archipelago.

Atop this quaint harbour town is Fort Chambray, an 18th century structure initially intended as a capital city that would replace the Gozo Citadel, but whose development never reached completion. The 19th century, neo-Gothic chapel dedicated to Our Lady of sits perched on a promontory in the village of Għajnsielem, well within sight from the harbour waters. Further inland to the right one can also admire the 20th century, Gothic-Lombard chapel of Our Lady of Loreto, which also belongs to the same parish.

6. Ħondoq ir-Rummien

Also referred to as Ħondoq Bay, this small pebbly inlet on the Gozitan southeast coast is a favourite swimming haunt that draws Gozitans, Maltese and international holidaymakers alike to its crystal-clear waters during the hot summers. Along this sandy-bottomed cove are small caves which divers and snorkellers often like to explore.

The perspective from Ħondoq ir-Rummien captures the entirety of the sister island of Comino, which lies directly opposite. Cruising the area by boat means you’ll be surrounded by phenomenal hues of blue and splendid coastline all around. And if you look closely to the right of the bay, you might be able to spot a few centuries-old salt pans scattered on the rocks, some of which are still in use to this very day.


7. Santa Marija Caves

The smallest of the island trio, Comino is a favourite beach destination among holidaymakers and locals alike, with its famed azure waters welcoming thousands of visitors every summer. While boat trips to the Blue Lagoon in the west remain take place all day long during summer, the northeastern side across this 3.5km² stretch of land is a renowned submarine paradise, its fascinating cave formations attracting divers from all over the globe.

A series of ten, relatively shallow grottos known as the Santa Marija Caves – some of which lie partly submerged below the water level – proves particularly popular among snorkellers and underwater photographers for the rich diversity of Mediterranean marine life that inhabits the area.

8. Crystal Lagoon

While taking a Comino boat trip, why not pay a visit to Crystal Lagoon? This is found further south of Blue Lagoon, close to where the 17th century tower of Santa Marija occupies a commanding position on the island’s coastline. The lagoon lives up to its name as its luminous jade-and-turquoise hued waters line the dramatically steep coastal cliffs, which are only accessible by boat.

This large expanse of sea makes for an idyllic secluded bathing spot on any private yacht charter around the Maltese Islands. In addition to the stunning cavernous backdrop, mesmerising underwater scenery also abounds here, offering the perfect diving or snorkelling opportunity.

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