Bespoke Yacht Charters Around Malta with Azure Ultra

Woman sunbathing on deck aboard a luxury Sunseeker motor yacht

Not only are Malta and its sister islands blessed with a most favourable Mediterranean climate, but some truly spectacular azure waters await discovery as you embark on a yacht charter around the Maltese honeyed limestone coast.

Why charter a yacht in Malta?

A yacht charter is one of the best ways to experience the laid-back island pleasures that are so typical of the Maltese way of life. On board, the sea perspective offers a unique intimate acquaintance with the Maltese Islands’ hidden gems – an eclectic panorama of picture-perfect, bright blue coves normally inaccessible on foot; haunting skylines featuring historical harbour towns and megalithic temples; and breathtaking sunsets glazing the scenery with a warm orange glow.

A myriad of secluded inlets dotting the Maltese coastline can only be accessed by boat.

On your motor yacht charter around Malta, Gozo and Comino – collectively known as the Maltese archipelago, you can experience the beauty of the surrounding Mediterranean Sea: a joy to bathe in and a real wonder to explore with its host of award-winning diving and snorkelling sites.

Tailored Luxury Yacht Experience

Leading Malta-based luxury yacht charters provider Azure Ultra has sought to customise on-board experiences to complement one’s break in the Mediterranean sun. Known for its bespoke charter packages, Azure Ultra combines impeccable five-star service and iconic Sunseeker elegance to curate a memorably opulent on-board stay for its guests.

Sleek Sunseeker design adorns the Azure Ultra luxury yacht fleet.

Azure Ultra’s tailor-made yacht charter packages are designed according to one’s budget and requirements, catering for all types of experiences – from a quick brunch on deck to a Grand Harbour cruise or a round trip to Gozo’s Azure Window and Comino’s Blue Lagoon, stopping for a couple of snorkelling opportunities in between.

The awe-inspiring perspective of Gozo's Azure Window as seen from aboard a Sunseeker yacht.

The options for on-board pleasure are infinite, with your personal captain and steward/ess ensuring that you receive nothing short of VIP treatment the moment you step aboard - whether it’s for a few hours of al fresco dining or a blissful boating weekend.

The Ultimate Stylish Boat Charter

Azure Ultra motor yacht charters offer you the freedom to leisurely trail the Maltese coastline in stylish comfort and privacy. Following a freshly prepared on-board breakfast or brunch, your very own Sunseeker for the day invites you to lie out on deck and soak up the sun against the sparkling blue sea backdrop. Meanwhile, your knowledgeable captain will journey you towards the top Maltese coastal attractions, dropping you off at a secluded beach for an invigorating midday swim.

The ultramarine waters of the Blue Lagoon as witnessed on a yacht charter to Comino.

Water sport activities can be arranged for those seeking the thrill of a water-ski or donut ride across the Blue Lagoon’s crystal waters. The more adventurous types will also be able to discover Malta’s underwater treasures with memorable scuba diving experiences organised by our partners.

Guests can enjoy a range of exhilarating water sports in the Mediterranean waters.

Sunseeker Yacht Luxury

We all dream of lounging on an expensive, luxurious yacht; and might even revel in the thought of being spotted cruising in style. Berthed in the prestigious Grand Harbour Marina along the Vittoriosa waterfront, Azure Ultra’s immaculately maintained Sunseekers never fail to impress.

No five-star treatment is rendered complete without champagne on board.

Oozing sleek design and elegance, these majestic power boats embody the ultimate upscale experience, whether this entails an evening of fine dining, a classy private boat party, a romantic luxury getaway or an indulgent overnight stay. As far as possibilities aboard Azure Ultra go, the sea’s the limit!

The luxuriously appointed interiors aboard Azure Ultra's Sunseeker motor yachts.


Let Azure Ultra be your ticket to upgrading your Mediterranean holiday experience. Contact us for a bespoke yacht charter that's tailored to your requirements, and make this summer season one to remember.

Luxury boating opportunities uniquely tailored to your specific requirements await. Discover Azure Ultra's fully crewed charter options.

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