Why Buy a Yacht? Charter like You Own It

Guests enjoy views of the Mediterranean aboard a luxury Sunseeker motor yacht

Looking to buy a yacht? If you ask around, no boat owner will deny the fact that the reality of having a vessel of one’s own will, at some point past the honeymoon period, show its true nautical colours – turning out to be less of a lifetime dream and more of an endless chore.

Rent a Yacht, Don’t Buy One

luxury yacht charters in the MediterraneanThink hours of ongoing maintenance, a host of registration fees, annual licensing, insurance and berthing bills, plus costly repairs and emergency works that may creep up on you at any given moment. Not to mention the boat market’s rapid depreciation rate, sometimes leading up to 40% value losses within the first five years of purchase. As the saying goes, a boat is a hole in the water you pour money into. So why waste time and money on a purchased boat all year round when you can simply rent a yacht and just enjoy the good bit?

Yacht Hire, When You Want It

woman reading on a luxury Sunseeker yacht in the MediterraneanWith holiday time having become a precious premium for most of us, realistically you'll be spending no more than a weekend – a few more days at most – on board at a stretch. Remember that if you were to own a boat, the end of your holiday would not exempt you from any upkeep responsibilities that come with having this asset in your possession. It ultimately works out that in order to enjoy, say, a relaxing week-long yacht holiday across the Mediterranean, you’ll have to pay one hefty price that makes no financial sense whatsoever. That’s of course the hassle, hustle and bustle of making sure your vessel is kept pristine for the rest of the year, every single year. How's that for making you rethink your boat-owning revels twice, three times over?

The Luxury Yacht Charter Difference

Desk Area of Sunseeker Camague 50As the advantages of yacht rental over ownership become too clear to ignore, it’s time to consider all available yacht charter options. When you charter a luxury yacht, you can expect to unravel a whole new wonderworld on water. Experience a full-blown scale of boating indulgence with pristinely designed vessels, luxe interiors and lavish furnishings offering you full comfort, complemented by your personal crew to take care of your every whim.

Mediterranean Holidays, Tailor-Made

From designing and executing your dream charter itinerary – replete with bathing stops in secret jade-hued coves around the Maltese and Italian islands – to perfection, to letting you chase the thrill of watersport adventures, to hosting and serving fine dining on deck under Mediterranean stars, a luxury yacht charter can be tailored to suit all your holiday tastes and ideals.

stunning waters and cave formations in Comino Crystal LagoonDiscovering the hidden gems of the Mediterranean on a fully crewed charter is as stress-free as it can get. So allow yourself to cast all cares ashore the second you step on board: you’ll never be able to go ordinary once you’ve tasted such bespoke levels of luxury.

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