Mediterranean Boat Charter Destinations

woman on board a motor yacht in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the world’s largest and most fascinating areas for boating and Mediterranean boat charter vacations are very popular. Find out why.

With a choice of crewed, bareboat and charter boats readily available within the region, ranging from sailing boats to luxury motor yachts, the Mediterranean is a true holiday playground made to suit different travellers’ tastes and requirements. A host of wondrous itineraries with an inexhaustible variety of places to discover and cultures to experience along the Mediterranean trail will unfold the moment you step aboard.

The Mediterranean: A Few Facts

- The length of it, which covers just under 4,000km, spans from the Strait of Gibraltar, which marks its leftmost extremity, across Spain, France and Monaco, passing Italy and Slovenia, trailing the Balkan coast of Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece to the north. The Middle Eastern coasts of Syria, Lebanon and Israel stand at its easternmost tip, while the neighbouring countries of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt – making up the North African continent – lie to the south.

- Interspersed within the Mediterranean basin are the six large islands of Majorca, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Crete and Cyprus, which are joined by an infinity of over 3000 small island clusters that would take a lifetime to fully explore.

- The Mediterranean also comprises other bodies of water, namely the Tyrrhenian, Ionian, Aegean and Adriatic seas.

- All of these lands, caressed by water and huddled relatively close together, are conveniently situated within easy distance of each another. Making arrangements for a few days’ action-packed boat trip through this multicultural basin is a straightforward process, and will lead you to new discoveries each and every time.

So why go on a Mediterranean boat charter holiday?

Safety First

Being almost completely landlocked, the Mediterranean Sea expanse maintains constant pleasant warm temperatures as well as being free of tides. A yacht holiday in the Mediterranean therefore makes for effortless cruising, being among the mildest and safest boating locations worldwide. With near-perfect boating conditions throughout the year, most regions around the Mediterranean enjoy an extended yacht season.

Generally, the Mediterranean boat charter season runs from April till the end of October, with several sea zones throughout retaining their warmth and providing the opportunity for a late summer or early autumn swim. The yacht charter season is at its height throughout July and August, when the Mediterranean climate guarantees plenty of heat and sunshine complemented by light sea breezes. The periods which fall outside peak season promise milder temperatures: seasoned boaters tend to prefer to take their Mediterranean holiday around this time, finding the weather to be more comfortable to withstand.

A Rich Diversity

Reputed to be the cradle of civilisation stretching over thousands of years, the region presents endless Mediterranean boat charter destinations. The area is bursting with diversity, and connects widely contrasting sea- and landscapes, cuisines, languages, cultural practices, traditions and histories.

Laid-back, traditional fishing ports around the Italian boot such as Naples and Portofino ooze character with their brightly painted boats and dwellings, as do the trademark white-washed towns of the Greek Islands. More upmarket coastal resorts dot the elegant French Riviera – home to extravagant luxury mega yachts of the rich and famous, and boasting over 3,000 high-end dining establishments and sumptuous accommodation around its 30-odd harbours.

The highly populated sandy beaches of the Balearics offer the perfect summer family day out, and are later transformed into party havens as the vibrant, world-renowned Spanish nightlife atmosphere descends. Contrastingly, the multitude of secluded bays around the Mediterranean provide the perfect quiet escape.

Montenegro’s mountainous elevations and the sheer drops along Sardinia’s Emerald Coast present a most spectacular view to wake up to from your yacht, but so do the golden hues emanating from the hotter, more rugged sun-kissed limestone of the south. Here, magnificent buildings, ancient ruins or even archaeological sites lie hemmed in by centuries-old ports of outstanding beauty and great historical significance. Think Pompeii and Malta in the central Mediterranean yacht zone, together with Greece, Turkey and Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean, as prime examples.

Whether you choose to taste the authentic lifestyles of the locals on your private yacht holiday or sample the high life on a Sunseeker luxury yacht charter vacation, no other region in the world can replace the Mediterranean for its wonderful concoction of places to be and things to see and experience. If what you’re seeking is a truly eclectic, multicultural and eye-opening travel adventure, then look no further.

Exquisite Cuisine

Chartering a yacht in the Mediterranean will undoubtedly take you on a highly pleasurable gastronomical journey. A tantalising array of culinary delights, made from the freshest and tastiest of ingredients from across the region, range from flavourful Spanish tapas to creamy and refined French cuisine, to the best quality Italian charcuterie alongside divine platefuls of pasta cooked to perfection. Rich meat dishes and delicate sweet pastries grace the tables of most Balkan provinces, while further south the freshly aromatic, hearty lamb-based entries are enjoyed all over Greece. The eastern shores of Lebanon and Turkey excel in exotic dishes that are bursting with a fusion of spices, as are most recipes hailing from the North African tradition.

Fresh fish and seafood may of course be found wherever you request it on Mediterranean territory, beautifully paired with a local wine accompaniment. Such typical foods can be easily sourced, with most port town restaurants lining the Mediterranean’s mainland and island waterfronts known to serve a menu of regional and national delicacies.

The Best Boating Berths

An excellent yachting infrastructure in Europe assures you of a stress-free boating experience during your yacht charter across the Mediterranean. Well-equipped marinas can accommodate yachts of all shapes and sizes, and are often the resting place of superyachts and mega yachts travelling the Med.

A great choice of top quality berthing facilities allows you to stop over at various exciting destinations, inviting you to set foot ashore on a cultural exploration of the local haunts, make time for daytime shopping, and indulge in al fresco dining in the evening with your yacht safely anchored.

Spotlight on Malta

Among the Mediterranean boat charter holiday destinations is the charming island of Malta. This popular travel destination offers unparalleled natural beauty and a fascinating cultural heritage which, coupled with over 300 days of sunshine, clear blue skies and crystalline waters, paint an ideal scenario for your boating holiday.

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