Romantic Yacht Getaways, Date Ideas & Special Occasions

Romantic getaways certainly spice up love life and romantic breaks on a yacht are destined for success. Yacht getaways are perhaps the ultimate when it comes to romantic weekend breaks and romantic date ideas.

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Just imagine a romantic dinner as you cruise on blue waters, sea breezes ruffling your hair. The sea stretches into the sunset and you gaze into each other’s eyes with the promise of love. And you know that right now, there is no other place you'd rather be. Aboard this luxury motor yacht, memories for a lifetime are being made with the love of your life.

Then, yacht getaways for romantic occasions make them extra special. From a dinner cruise with drinks and live music to full-fledged romantic weekend getaways, your boat ride for your special date or special occasion will certainly be a memorable one.

1. Romantic getaways

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There are all sorts of reasons to experience yacht romance, but you need no reasons at all. Just indulge in a romantic weekend break and create a special occasion even when there is none. Whether you plan a romantic dinner cruise with live music or an on-board romantic movie followed by a night of love at sea, you set yourself up for some truly fine romance.

When creating or celebrating romantic occasions with a yacht charter, your personal crew will offer red carpet treatment from start to finish. Pamper each other and get pampered with stewards at your beck and call so that you can fully indulge in the romantic setting of being just the two of you with your love between sea and sky. After all, there is no better place than the horizon for romantic getaways.

2. Marriage proposal dinner

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Popping the big question deserves a wonderful setting, right? Imagine a romantic dinner cruise with delicious food, wine, drinks and live music. As your sunset cruise sails into the night and the candles come alight, the time approaches to propose marriage to your partner. Your loved one's eyes sparkle like the stars in the sky, the water shimmers like her glistening skin and her face radiates like the moon as she says “Yes!”

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to pop the question to enjoy a romantic dinner aboard a yacht. Make this a special date night to put atop your list of romantic date ideas.

3. Engagement party

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Choosing the love of your life is a special occasion that you may wish to celebrate with your family and friends. A yacht charter for this special occasion certainly sets you off to a good start towards your wedding bells and journey through life together through fine weather and stormy seas.

Aboard your luxury Sunseeker yacht, your nearest and dearest witness as your parents make a toast and the engagement ring slips onto your girlfriend's finger. You look at your fiancé/e and your heart feels full by the prospect of the big event of your wedding. Your partner has just given you the gift of themselves and you almost expect rose petals to rain from the sky as you look forward to the one-time experience when a couple become one.

4. Hen and bachelor night

You may not yet have a theme for your wedding but having your hen party or stag event aboard a yacht is the perfect way to charter a course towards that confetti-sprinkled horizon. Your bachelor party or bridal shower aboard a luxury motor boat can range from a cocktail dinner to a wide variety of party games and activities, depending on your personal style. Among all parties to celebrate a new bride or groom, this is one your friends are sure to remember.

5. Yacht wedding

Getting married is a once in a lifetime experience all couples want to be memorable. No matter where you come from, there is something wonderfully exotic about exchanging vows at sea. Celebrate your wedding aboard a luxury yacht charter for a truly unusual wedding venue. A wedding day reception with a dinner party on deck for just a few of your nearest and dearest friends will be provided with staff and catering fitting your very special occasion.

6. Yacht charter honeymoon

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Does the natural beauty of exotic islands, secluded beaches, crystal clear waters and a glorious sunset conjure up images of the perfect honeymoon? No wonder! A private yacht charter is nothing short of a wonderful romantic honeymoon destination in itself. Not to speak of a choice of wonderful honeymoon destinations you can cruise to. Swing onto a luxury motor yacht on your wedding night or idle away several days and nights with just the two of you and pure indulgence for company. Make your honeymoon a luxurious red-carpet event in your love life.

Of course, you don’t have to get married to enjoy the romance of yacht getaways. A yacht charter for romantic breaks is an occasion in itself and a fine excuse to celebrate each other just for the sake of it. Azure Ultra offers unforgettable nights for couples and romantic weekend breaks to remember.

7. Wedding anniversary celebration

Give yourselves a truly happy wedding anniversary with a truly special wedding anniversary gift. Celebrating your special occasion aboard a luxury motor yacht offers many ways to indulge your happy marriage relationship. You can celebrate alone with your husband or wife, or with friends. The married couple can choose to relive a honeymoon all over again, exploring secluded romantic places by boat. Make that a romantic dinner cruise with delicious food and fine wine. Dream it, do it and celebrate your love story because you both deserve it.

8. Renewing wedding vows


This may be a special wedding anniversary. You both feel to renew your vows of love and commitment for life before your children, family members and friends. Head out into the deep blue, look deeply into the eyes of your husband or wife, and renew your marriage vows with deeper intent from a deeper love. Let the fathomless ocean be a symbol of your immeasurable love for each other.

Choose beyond ordinary romantic occasions on a yacht

Can you see just how easily you can pimp up your special occasions? Get away from the city and take to the water, indulge in exotic island nights and make your romantic getaways and romantic occasions extra special with some super fine romance. Azure Ultra offers beyond ordinary romantic retreats and nights away for couples.

Experience a romantic getaway on your very own private yacht charter. Azure Ultra yacht charters offer you high customisation and flexibility so that you can enjoy your yacht getaway the way you want. You can explore several beautiful beaches around the Maltese Islands, spend your days idly sunbathing or get into action with snorkeling and kayaking - we have our own snorkel gear and see-through kayaks. Evenings with BBQ and bubbly under starry nights await you. Allow Azure Ultra to make your romantic breaks, dates and occasions extraordinary.

Luxury boating opportunities uniquely tailored to your specific requirements await. Discover Azure Ultra's fully crewed charter options.

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