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At the tender age of 25, Jonas Hornehøj has already seen more of the world than most. This savvy millennial decided to kickstart his dream of becoming a full-time traveller by selling all his belongings and diving head first into the nomadic lifestyle. This leap of faith combined with his exceptional eye for landscape and aerial photography proved to be Jonas’ passport to the world, and he’s been travelling nonstop for close to two years now.

We heard on the grapevine that Jonas was on his way to Malta last June. So we got in touch and invited the budding travel influencer to join us on a special luxury Azure Ultra motor yacht charter around Malta where we had the chance to catch up over a glass of bubbly.

As a travel influencer circumnavigating the globe, where do you call home?

I am originally from Denmark, so that’s where I consider home, mostly because my family and oldest friends live there. I actually grew up in the Netherlands, and only moved back to Denmark at the age of 14. So that’s another country I feel at home in.

Where was the first place that made you think WOW, I need to travel more?

Thailand, specifically Koh Tao. I went there on a university internship. We had the choice to go anywhere in the world on the basis that we wouldn’t receive any extra funding abroad. But a three-month internship in Denmark seemed too easy and, quite frankly, too boring. So I opted to work in Asia. When I got to Koh Tao, I soon realised travelling was going to be a focal point of my life. At the time however, I wasn’t sure how.

When did you realise: “Yes, I can make a living as a travel influencer”?

When I got confirmation of my first fully-covered two-week trip to Egypt and Jordan in January this year. It was at this point that I realised I had worked hard enough for my visual talent to be of interest to travel agencies, global brands, and most importantly to me, other content creators who I’ve wanted to collaborate with for many years.

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Jonas Hornehøj in Jordan

How much time of the year are you away for?

Since I left Denmark 19 months ago, I have spent a total of maybe 45 days back home – the rest of the time I have been on the road. I am more or less always away. And if not, I’m only back in Denmark to wash and repack my clothes, and then I’m off again.

What brought you to Malta?

Malta was a bit of a last-minute decision. I was actually planning to go to Russia with my girlfriend and her siblings, but the visa process was taking too long and we realised it wouldn’t be possible for us to go. So we looked at where was accessible given where we were at the time, and Malta seemed like a great option. We’d been wanting to visit for some time.

What did you enjoy most about your experience with Azure Ultra?

Everything. I honestly couldn’t have imagined a better day out on the Maltese waters than the day we had with Azure Ultra. The vessel was beautiful, perfect for our little group of four, and we barely even noticed the crew members, they were so discreet. The Sunseeker itself was so spacious and had everything we needed. Not to mention that Malta is so beautiful and has a lot more to offer than most would imagine. The lagoons, the caves, all the shades of blue – honestly the entire day was perfect!


Where did you go with your charter?

We left Birgu harbour, sailed past Valletta, and made our way along Malta’s northern coast to reach Comino. We were so happy to be on a charter, as it was like our very own moveable private beach. At the Blue Lagoon, for example, we could see bigger groups struggling to find space on the beach. It was so crowded there, but we had all the space in the world on our Sunseeker motor yacht. Later, we headed to the nearby Crystal Lagoon and went kayaking.


What else did you get up to in Malta?

We rented a car and hit some of the spots that looked the best based on images and friends’ recommendations, like Popeye’s Village, which was really cool; the Coral Lagoon; and of course St. Peter’s Pool, which was a clear winner for me as I absolutely love cliff jumping.

And finally, where are you off to next?

Since my Malta trip, I’ve been to Portugal, France, the USA and Hungary, all in the past month! Tomorrow I am off to Austria for a few days, then Denmark for a day, after which I’m heading to Indonesia and Australia for the next six months. I can’t wait! However, I’m hoping to see the Azure Ultra family again next summer when I’m back in Europe.


Keep up to date with all of Jonas’s worldwide adventures on his Instagram account @thefreedomcomplex.

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