A Season to Chill: Top 5 Summer Cocktails

refreshing lime cocktail in a clear glass

With the time ripe as summer fruits for seaside days, relaxing boat charters, balmy evening barbecues and late nights on the beach, here are a few seasonal cocktail ideas to keep you refreshed during the warmest Mediterranean months.

Cool as Cucumber Lemonade

cucumber lemonade dispenser

A refreshing way to start your day on the beach or aboard your luxury Sunseeker deck is this chilled club soda (1/4 cup) mocktail. It blends herbal notes of dill (1/4 teaspoon, finely chopped) and agave syrup (1 tablespoon) with the zesty flavours of lemon and lime juice (1 tablespoon of each), finished off with that distinctive cucumber coolness (1/4 cup, puréed).

Mojito with a (Med) Twist

watermelon-based mojito cocktail garnished with mint

With the summer heat soaring, it’s the right moment to revisit the classic combo of neat white rum (3/4 cup), tangy fresh lime juice (1/2 cup), aromatic mint leaves (20) and superfine sugar (2 tablespoons) with the addition of freshly puréed watermelon goodness (6 ounces). This vibrant pink version of the popular Cuban highball is ready to serve over crushed ice and club soda (1/2 ounce) quicker than you can say Mediterranean.

Sweet on Sailors’ Sangria

mango, peach display with a glass of fruit cocktail

Delightful peach (2, sliced) and mango (1, chopped) flavours perfectly marry the pear-nosed Viognier grape (1 bottle) in a sugar syrup base (equal parts of sugar and water brought to the boil, making 2/3 cup). This stone fruit concoction is then balanced by the sweet citrus kick of Grand Marnier liqueur (1 cup). Add mint (1/4 cup) for an even more uplifting drinking experience.

Summer Spritz Sensation

people drinking spritz cocktail and eating tomato bruschetta bread

Who hasn’t sipped on one of these bright-hued beauties in a glass on a summer’s eve? Combine three parts Prosecco with two parts Aperol for a sunset orange, lightly aromatic finish – or replace with fiery red Campari for an aperitif that’s stronger in both taste and alcohol level. Heap up your glass with ice cubes, add a dash of club soda and garnish with an orange or lemon slice respectively – depending on your choice of bitter.

Melon Moscato, A Magical Match

Moscato poured onto melon juice into a flute glass

It does not get more luscious than this simple sparkling nectar for those sweeter palates. Honeydew melon goodness (1, part-puréed and strained for juice; 2 cups scooped melon balls) and grapey Moscato d’Asti (1 bottle) make a heavenly pair in a flute, perfect for toasting any occasion.

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