14 Perfect Excuses To Charter A Luxury Motor Yacht

Do you really need an excuse to charter a yacht? It’s not like anybody will tell you off. When you charter a luxury motor yacht, you’re much more likely to hear, “Oh wow! Can I come?”

Guests enjoy views of the Mediterranean aboard a luxury Sunseeker motor yacht

If you still feel that such an indulgence requires an explanation, here are a few great excuses for you to leave shore with an extra lightness of spirit.


1. Staycation in style

Can’t travel this year but want to do something special? A staycation is much more memorable when your base is a luxury motor yacht. After all, vacations are all about experiences, aren't they? Well, here’s an experience that’s really worth having, no matter where you are.

2. Marriage proposal dinner

Food and drink arrangement for an engagement party celebration on a yacht
Popping the big question deserves a magnificent setting, right? Your loved one's looking beautiful, eyes sparkling, the starry sky looks beautiful, the shimmering water looks beautiful and the night is perfect. There is no better way to hear a “Yes!” than to propose at a special dinner aboard a luxury yacht.

3. Hen & bachelor nights

Young men partying on a luxury Sunseeker yacht in Malta
Is that the distant sound of wedding bells? Having your hen or bachelor nights aboard a yacht is most certainly a great way to charter a course towards that confetti-sprinkled horizon. From party revelry and night swimming to high-class entertainment, a luxury motor boat offers an amazing constellation of options.

4. Yacht weddings

You wanted something different for your big day. A wedding aboard a luxury motor yacht definitely is different. Whether you go for a bikini wedding or a classy affair, the venue will make an impression no doubt. In fact, there is little more to add to a wedding on a luxury yacht – how can you improve on something that is already perfect?

5. Honeymoon charter holidays

Just step on that boat and let yourself be carried away in a luxurious dream with your beloved. If you feel that just one night on a luxury motor yacht is only a teaser that would leave you pining for more, remember that you can actually enjoy the indulgence for as long as you want. One thing is for sure: you will not be forgetting your honeymoon in a hurry.

6. Anniversary celebrations

Do you want to have that honeymoon all over again? However you got married and whatever your love story, spending your anniversary aboard a yacht is a magnificent way to celebrate it. And you both deserve it.

7. Vows renewal ceremonies

Did you miss out on the opportunity to savour the luxury of a motor yacht when you got married? Well, you don’t have to miss out on what’s available today. If you are looking to renew your vows with deeper intent from a deeper love out on the deep blue sea, then a luxurious celebration might be called for.

8. Themed parties - birthdays, etc.

Corporate yacht charters on board a luxury Sunseeker in Malta
All this talk about weddings, honeymoons and anniversaries, but any occasion is worth celebrating on a luxury yacht (we were only looking for excuses, remember?). Celebrate a birthday, graduation, just anything, in a way you will always remember – aboard a luxury motor yacht – and have that wish come true as a good start to the future!


If you’re a captain of industry or a buccaneering businessperson and you want your company or clients to enjoy a luxury motor yacht with you, we have a few good excuses for you too!

9. Team building activities

Use others as an excuse and they get to enjoy the joys of a luxury motor yacht with you. Your colleagues and staff are but people who enjoy a good bit of fun like everyone else and they’ll love this! Take them diving or fishing or just have a party – the yacht provides a perfect setting for activity, relaxation, socialising and bonding, all rolled into one.

10. Staff incentives

Malta on a Sunseeker yacht

Give them a taster and they’ll be wanting more – what better way to motivate your staff? Again, a chartered yacht offers the same versatility of ways to simultaneously soothe and stimulate your staff, make them feel good and boost their productivity.

11. Staff functions & office parties

Sunseeker corporate charter
It’s great to be different and it also gets you admired. Impress your staff with a most unusual venue for a staff function or office party – they won’t be forgetting this one in a hurry.

12. Corporate events

Azure Ultra press event at Birgu Marina Malta
The same goes, of course, for anybody, including your prospects, clients, investors and the media. Nobody forgets the experience of stepping onto pure luxury floating on water. If impact is what you want, start with an impactful venue for your corporate event, award ceremony, product launch or presentation.

13. Business meetings & lunches

You don’t have to wait for out-of-office time to use a chartered yacht. Business meetings and lunches with important clients will surely make an impression and twist things in your favour. Everyone loves to work with someone who could offer them such a treat.

14. Client entertainment

Azure Ultra Luxury
Sure, of course, it’s only to entertain the clients! The company wants to make an impression, right? Spending an evening with prominent, important and usually interesting people aboard a luxury motor yacht is just the run of the mill for us … oh, you call it a perk? Perhaps! 😉

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