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15 Reasons It’s Sexy To Be By The Sea

Just imagine it. You, lounging on the deck of a luxury motor yacht in blue Mediterranean waters, Martini in hand. As the sun is setting on the horizon, filling the sky with pink hues, your beautiful blonde (or do you like brunettes?) changes her bikini for white silks that highlight a glow on her freshly […]

10 Reasons You’ll Fall In Love With Malta At Sea

When people come to Malta, they cannot wait to meet the sea. They fall in love with it and then they must leave it, having barely known it. For a more fulfilling, more magical relationship, here's reasons why you should start your Maltese Island odyssey from the sea. 1. The Maltese Islands are small enough […]

Things to Do in Malta in Winter

When one thinks of Malta, the idea of endless outdoor fun on 300 sea-and-sun-filled days immediately springs to mind. But what is Malta really like on those 65/66 days that make up the rest of the year?

Why Buy a Yacht? Charter like You Own It

Looking to buy a yacht? If you ask around, no boat owner will deny the fact that the reality of having a vessel of one’s own will, at some point past the honeymoon period, show its true nautical colours – turning out to be less of a lifetime dream and more of an endless chore. […]