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Careful When You Step Aboard: 5 Common Boating Superstitions

Like a good superstitious story? Let's explore a few common sea superstitions that have been passed down generations of seasoned sailors and boating folk through the centuries. Dating back thousands of years, seafaring stands among the oldest occupations in the world. The sea’s immensity can reach the darkest depths, and its strong and boundless forces have […]

Fractional Yacht Ownership – A Fraction of the Cost & Commitment

Into boating? Have you ever thought of looking into fractional yacht ownership as a realistically viable option for enjoying your own yacht without any of the maintenance hassles? Everyone dreams of the luxuries of a full-blown boating experience, especially when the headaches and responsibility of ensuring their vessel's smooth operation can be spared. Consider the full […]

Meet the Azure Ultra Luxury Yacht Crew

Welcome Aboard Azure Ultra's crewed luxury yachts! Meet Captain Roger and Deckhand/Stewardess Peggy, the charismatic yacht team who take care of Azure Ultra members and guests on board the Sunseeker yachts in Malta. Roger was born and bred in South Africa, while Peggy was born in Wales but raised in South Africa from the age […]