New Yacht Crew Member Joins Azure Ultra

Meet 21-year-old Gino Debono, the last person to join the Azure Ultra yacht crew this busy summer season. But don't let his young looks fool you. With a solid 7-year background in the hospitality industry, Gino was excited to step up into the luxurious world of boating, working as deckhand/steward for our leading yacht charter specialist company in this buzzing Mediterranean island hub.

Curious to get to know more about Gino, we set off to ask the young man a few questions. Read his replies below:

What motivated you to join AV in this role?

“I was attracted to learn something new whilst using skills I have a strong background in – hospitality. The luxury yacht industry is at the top of the service and hospitality scenario, which is something I love and aspire to succeed in.”

Describe your day as deckhand/steward in a nutshell.

yacht charter deckhand steward in uniform"To start with, my deckhand work includes boating operation and maintenance tasks such as lines, knots, anchoring, and washing the boats – ensuring they are immaculately kept inside and out. My steward duties on a daily basis include cleaning the interior of these pristine yachts and serving guests in the best possible manner."


What feeling do you get from being on the water and interacting with your on-board guests?

male yacht deckhand on duty

young male yacht steward pouring drinks on board

“Being at sea is amazing. It's a different experience every day. There's always something new to learn and different challenges ahead. I love the customer contact in my role: making sure every guest on board leaves wanting to come back is essential. Making people happy puts a smile on everybody's face.”

And finally, which favourite idyllic spots on and around the islands does our Maltese steward recommend?

“The best views of Malta are from the sea! Especially the Grand Harbour – that's my absolute favourite. Nearly every guest questions us on Comino’s Blue Lagoon, but we recommend the quieter Crystal Bay instead, which is just next door but just as beautiful. Ashore, I would recommend the silent city of Mdina to see some amazing history.”

Good luck Gino! We wish you the very best of success in your new career path here at AV.

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