9 Health Benefits Of Chartering A Luxury Yacht


Today Azure Ultra is celebrating Global Wellness Day, an increasingly popular event celebrated in hundreds of countries worldwide. The aim of GWD is to promote living well in all aspects of life using the mantra ‘One Day Can Change Your Whole Life.’ The project encourages you to take time to pause and appreciate life. Learn how to become free from everyday stresses. And ultimately become healthier in body, mind and spirit

In honour of this timeless message, here are 9 Health Benefits of Chartering A Luxury Yacht. These clinically proven reasons can help boost your emotional and physical wellbeing.


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Calm waters. Open horizons. Clear skies. There are many obvious reasons why being out at sea puts you in a better mood. But one of the ocean’s key mood-improving ingredients is not so easily detectable to the naked eye. That’s because it’s quite literally something in the air.

Research has shown that fresh salty sea spray is charged with negative ions, which allows you to breathe in more oxygen. An increase of oxygen in the body helps balance your serotonin levels, commonly nicknamed the happiness hormone, which in turn allows you to de-stress and bliss out. Some scientists also believe that sea air soothes aggravating coughs and other kinds of throat irritations. So when you’re a few miles out at sea on the deck of a luxurious yacht, be sure to take in precious lungfuls of that refreshing Mediterranean sea air.



We’ve heard it time and time again. Exercise is good for you. Hardly anyone will contest that age-old chestnut. But then why are so few of us readily willing to engage in physical activities? Well, let’s put it this way. The only place you’re likely to see more strained, pained faces outside of a gym is at the latest Saw horror movie sequel screening at a cinema near you.

But exercise doesn’t have to be joyless. Take swimming. It’s the perfect physical activity that provides a holistic all-body workout. Swimming boosts your heart rate, tones your muscles, and improves strength and cardiovascular fitness. And the best part about it? It’s fun! Go down to the beach and chances are you’re only going to see huge wide smiles and beaming faces as everyone has a whale of a time splashing about in the sea.

For those looking to combine exercise with the thrill of adventure, why not try canoeing? Canoeing is a great low-impact activity that increases muscle strength, especially around the torso and leg areas. Also, thanks to the glass-bottomed canoes included on our Sunseeker yachts you can explore the secrets of the underwater kingdom while keeping fit.



 The many therapeutic benefits of sea water are so commonly extolled that the phenomenon even has its own mouthful of a catch-all term – thalassotherapy. The word derives from the Greek thalassa and therapeia meaning ‘sea’ and ‘healing’ respectively. Many claim that the practice of thalassotherapy itself goes way back to classical antiquity. Plato is quoted as saying ‘The sea cures all ailments of man’. While, when not veni-vidi-vici-ing through every square inch of land they came across, the Romans would unwind by taking a dip in revitalising thermal baths. When immersed in seawater the body is said to absorb important minerals, such as magnesium, potassium and calcium, through the skin. Therapists around the globe continue to encourage using seawater and visiting shore climates for their positive cosmetic and wellbeing effects.


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Another benefit to breathing in sea air is that it helps you sleep better. A UK study has shown that people who take regular coastal walks sleep on average for around 45 minutes longer. The same negative ions that balance your serotonin levels and relieve anxiety, also improve your sleeping patterns and allow for a deeper, more restful night’s sleep. So instead of whacking on an ocean sounds playlist before you go to bed, experience the genuine thing. After a day swimming and basking in the sun, breathing in nothing but clean sea air, you’ll be lulled to tranquil sleep in a luxurious yacht cabin with the waves swashing just outside your window.


Azure Ultra Crew

You plan to go on holiday to relax. But, with all the complex booking and detailed itineraries that modern travel entails, holidays can fast become hard work, thus defeating their entire purpose.

One of the greatest things about chartering a fully crewed yacht with Azure Ultra is how everything is taken care of for you. An expert team will help plan your whole trip and will see to your every need while aboard. The captain can even advise you on the absolute best secluded beaches and coastal spots to sail to. This ensures you won’t be wasting time travelling to any overcrowded tourist traps. With all that out of the way, this frees you up to enjoy quality time with your family and friends on the deck. Swim, sunbathe, and chase the sun across the horizon. Create carefree memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.


 AV yacht with Sun

Do you remember being young and giddy with joy on your first holiday or your first rollercoaster ride? Such memories stick with us as we continue to get older because our brain wants to encourage us to break away from the routine and ordinary, to engage with the exciting and new. And there really is something to be said for how unique experiences can continue to retrigger that sense of childish wonder in us and create lasting memories.

Chartering a luxury yacht is such a unique holidaying choice that it will undoubtedly be memorable. Being on a yacht gives you the pure freedom to be out on the open seas, with nothing but clear breathtaking horizon views. Being immersed in so much natural beauty can do wonders for your sense of wow.



Research has shown that getting an hour of natural sunlight in the morning can help fine tune your internal clock. And there’s no better way to enjoy the morning’s rays than on the peaceful deck of a private yacht. As long as you’re applying suntan lotion, there are plenty of benefits to sunshine. It helps the body produce Vitamin D, which is said to battle heart disease and cancer. Plus, moderate amounts of sunshine will also boost your serotonin levels which puts you in a merrier mood.


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 Ever meet a friend soon after they return from a beach holiday and their skin looks positively aglow? Well, it’s probably all that swimming in natural sea water that is producing this rejuvenating effect on their skin. Sea water is known to be rich in sodium, chloride, sulphate, magnesium and calcium. As such it can do wonders to your skin as well as help with treating certain types of skin conditions, such as psoriasis. Salt water is also said to diminish scars and heal scrapes and cuts. Furthermore, it exfoliates dead skin cells and restores its natural pH levels.


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With all that sea and sun around you, on top of a dedicated nautical team ready to take care of your every need, a fully chartered luxury yacht truly is a happy place to be. And as great as most modern health therapies are, experts continue to champion happiness as being a key factor in maintaining both emotional and physical wellbeing. Happiness reduces blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, combats stress, reduces aches and pains, fights disease, disability and lengthens our lives. So climb on board your very own chartered yacht and sail away to a healthier, happier you.

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