15 Reasons It’s Sexy To Be By The Sea

Just imagine it. You, lounging on the deck of a luxury motor yacht in blue Mediterranean waters, Martini in hand. As the sun is setting on the horizon, filling the sky with pink hues, your beautiful blonde (or do you like brunettes?) changes her bikini for white silks that highlight a glow on her freshly tanned skin. You want time to stand still, because life really doesn’t get much better than this.

The luxury motor yacht lifestyle is alluring in so many ways. We reveal some of the ways a luxury motor yacht adds value to your life.


The glorious sunshine is so underestimated – it provides warmth, light and life itself. And it makes you feel good, seriously. Your skin transforms sunlight into vitamin D, which is known to increase immunity, reduce stress and promote well-being.

Sunseeker yacht in Comino Blue LagoonSea

The sea is also as healing as it is beautiful, mysterious and fun. There’s nothing like a bathe in salty water to renew your energy and restore your inner balance. Make that Malta’s crystal clear, warm and wonderful azure waters and you’ve hit the jackpot.





Golden sands, orange sands, white sands ... Malta, Gozo and Comino are full of gorgeous little bays and coves that you can retreat into with your motor yacht. Forget the towel; lie directly on the warm sand and feel the soothing caress of each grain on your skin. This is nature’s very own spa.


Go where you want and get away from it all. A luxury motor yacht will bring you to the most inaccessible places, where you can enjoy total privacy out of sight of everyone. You can even take your kit off for a tan-line-free booty, if you want to, but don’t tell anyone we told you that.

luxury yacht in Comino Blue Lagoon

Total relaxation is well-deserved and a little activity also does a world of good. Get some exercise into your day in the kindest of ways for your body: swimming. Just glide along the surface or give it all you’ve got.


Pop your head below the surface with a mask for a bit of excitement. You’ll be surprised by just how much there is to see down there in the deep blue! It’s another world under the sea, with lovely seaweed dancing, colourful coral, a variety of fish weaving through and abundant other marine life.

Snorkelling in the Mediterranean Sea in Malta
If you are a diver, you can take your luxury motor yacht to some of the wrecks and reefs scattered all around the island. Don’t forget to take your sense of adventure with you, because you’ll be glad to have it.


Action in the water can take many forms. While many water sports require specialist equipment, you only need your hands and feet, guts of steel and stable rocks (the Maltese coast is perfect) to have a shot at deep water soloing. How far will you go before you end in a splash?


After a day of blissful relaxation and perhaps a little exertion, it is time to chill once again. This time, the backdrop is a deep night sky where the stars seem to lean down cheekily to kiss you. Or maybe you’ve just had a little too much wine.

Deck area of Sunseeker Camague 50 in Birgu Marina Malta.Style

Indeed, no less than a proper wine and dine befits the luxury yacht lifestyle and you can take it just as far as you want. Your yacht has a fully equipped kitchen and, depending on your preference, it may come with a personal chef too.


When the day is done, you’ll be lulled to a deep slumber akin to a baby’s. Beyond the extraordinary comfort that the bedding of your luxury yacht offers is the natural cradling that comes of sleeping on water.

Sounds & Silence

Aside from the sound of water lapping around the hull of your boat is absolute silence. Do you know what silence sounds like? Peaceful, quiet, undisturbed silence ... but for the natural sound of water – such as you’ll hear in spa music to induce relaxation, but it’s the real thing.


All this and more is yours for the taking, part and parcel with chartering the world’s favourite luxury motor yacht. The Sunseeker philosophy is simple: here is a life like no other; what many dream, you experience. It is the small things that make your life bigger and though time may stop, memories last forever.


So you see, a life like this offers much more than a sexy tan. A luxury motor yacht offers the ultimate lifestyle; one which inwardly offers a sexy sense of well-being and accomplishment and outwardly a sexy (and irresistibly charming) demeanour. Don’t you want this for yourself?


Just do it - you have all the reasons to, if you’re on a Sunseeker.

We did say that life doesn’t get much better than this. We lied. It can.

You don’t need to be rich to afford this experience, nor does it have to be a one-off splurge. Luxury motor yacht charters and fractional yacht ownership are a real possibility to integrate into your lifestyle. Contact us for more details.

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