Top 10 Things to Do on a Yacht this Summer

With sunny days and warm breezes right round the corner, here’s our pick of things to enjoy on a yacht charter around the Maltese Islands. Yacht charter specialist Azure Ultra will help create a sublime day out at sea for a beyond ordinary summertime experience.

girl on a luxury yacht in Malta

1. Step aboard and brunch it up in style. Freshly brewed coffee and an abundant spread of culinary indulgence will be served to you on deck by your very own stewardess. Just don’t let those second helpings anchor you down!

breakfast spread served on the deck of a luxury yacht
2. Splash on some sunscreen and don your explorer’s hat. The Maltese Islands are one big open-air museum, offering panoramas of the historical Grand Harbour, Valletta's spectacular skyline and the colourful village of Marsaxlokk to name a few.

Sunseeker yacht sailing Valletta Grand Harbour
3. Keep your eyes wide open and your lens focused to witness amazing natural wonders. Here are our top three: the dazzling ultramarine seabed of Blue Grotto, the Santa Marija Caves dotting Comino island, and Gozo’s dramatic Fungus Rock.

luxury yacht in Comino Blue Lagoon
4. Step into the luxurious shoes of a VIP as you seek the perfect hideout in one of the island’s secret coves. Soak up some sun and lounge on deck in complete privacy, surrounded by 360 degrees of azure blue sky and sea.

Sunseeker yacht in Comino

5. Smile for the camera, and capture that sun-kissed glow. Work on your Instagram summer look featuring a carousel backdrop of the Mediterranean, and your stylish self.

6. Quench your own thrill-seeking spirit with perfect selfies at sea. Try a variety of exhilarating water sports, stick on a photo grin and watch those likes rising.

young men enjoying donut ride watersports in the Mediterranean
7. Drop anchor and dive straight in to discover outstanding sites and wrecks beneath this liquid playground. Bathe in the pristine waters of secluded bays you have privileged access to for the day.

man jumping from a luxury yacht into the Mediterranean Sea
8. Time to rinse that saltwater off your skin, top up the drinks fridge and get the sunset party started. Entertain friends and family aboard with plenty of Sunseeker wow factor on the sleek and spacious deck.

Young men partying on a luxury Sunseeker yacht in Malta
fancy boat party in the Mediterranean

9. You work like a captain, but will play like a pirate out on the open sea. The Med is your oyster, and your personal skipper will happily oblige (shanties optional, at a safe distance from shore 😉).


10. Joined on board by that special someone? Set out to impress with a private dining experience tailored to your expectations. With vintage champagne and tantalising dishes, glistening waters and romance in the air, you're guaranteed to have them starry-eyed and speechless.

couple toasting on a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean

Like what you see? Create your own charter experience.

Discover the Maltese Islands from a unique sea perspective. Create your summer 2017 yacht charter with an Azure Ultra specialist today.


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