What To Wear On A Boat Charter

It can be tricky to decide what to wear on a boat, especially if you have little boating experience. No matter the occasion, the dress code aboard your chartered luxury yacht is simple, stylish and practical. You want to look good but you must also be comfortable. Here are a few tips to set you off on your boat charter with comfort and style.

The basic essentials

Let’s start with the basics. You’ll need a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen with a high SPF, no matter the occasion. You’re more likely to be caught by the sun at sea, and while a sun tan is beautiful and sexy, blotchy red skin with blisters is not. Swimwear and a sarong or towel are next on the list if you want to make the most of your time at sea.

If boating is set to become a regular thing, invest in polarised lenses on your sunglasses to get maximum UV protection throughout long exposure to the sun. A second set of swimwear is also useful to change into when you get out of the water so that you can always stay dry and comfortable onboard.

The no-nos

Pointed shoes and stilettos have no business on a boat, where the ideal footwear is no footwear. In fact, in the boating world, it is customary to remove any footwear before boarding a vessel. This serves to keep the boat clean and reduces risk of damage to the decks. Feet are also ideal for gripping the deck to avoid falling overboard.
If you must have shoes on, try brand new espadrilles or slip on canvas shoes that will be dedicated for sole use on the yacht, however remember to request permission from the captain first. Avoid socks as they pose a risk of slipping, while flip-flops pose a risk of tripping.

Keep your comfort

You’re on a boat, it’s time to relax. The last thing you want is to ruin your leisure time by wearing something stiff, uncomfortable or impractical. Most importantly, whatever you wear, have something warmer to throw over to stay comfortable when the sea breeze picks up in the evenings or to counter the wind as you speed back to the marina during sunset. Pack a long-sleeved cotton top, a silk scarf, a denim jacket and leggings, for example. During shoulder months, be prepared for cooler weather.

Leisure boat wear

Ladies can opt for flowy dresses, preferably in natural fibres such as cotton or linen to keep cool in the daytime heat and stay warm in the evenings. Florals, whites, blues and brights all work well. If preferred, capri pants or shorts and a light top are also a good option for women. Men can wear bermudas, casual shirts, tees and vests for lounging on deck. Typically, boat wear tends towards the trademark nautical tones of blue, white and red – and don’t forget to include the iconic Breton stripe.

Business boat wear

For a business lunch aboard a boat, men could go for chino pants, an open shirt and a casual jacket. Avoid the full suit as it’s too formal, while bermudas are too casual for the occasion. Women can emulate a similar style or wear a lovely knee-length dress for a business casual look. It’s all about striking a balance between professionally stylish and feeling super comfortable in what you’re wearing.

Make memories

Take your camera or use your phone camera to take as many shots as you can of the boat, the places you visit, and yourself and your companions during all sorts of activities: lunchtime, sunbathing, swimming, water sports, and so on. Avoid creating unhappy moments by leaving any valuables or anything too fine or precious at home, as the risk of losing them at sea does exist.


You’ll probably be spending several hours out at sea so you might wish to bring your favourite book, playing cards or MP3 player along. Do store any electronic items in waterproof sleeves to keep them safe from water damage.

Focus in the right direction

Ultimately, remember that what you wear is less important than your experience on the yacht. Focus on enjoying quality leisure time, fuelling a sense of adventure and discovering natural beauty instead.

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