Azure Ultra Acquires New Tender Boat

The wake of a TurboJet tender in the Mediterranean Sea

Meet the latest addition to Azure Ultra’s water toys collection: the super sleek, state-of-the-art Williams TurboJet 325 tender boat. Custom-designed to complement the elegant look of our iconic Sunseeker motor yachts, this powerful tender seeks to transform the thrill of riding the waves into an incredibly stylish experience.

Azure Ultra's Captain Roger test driving the recently acquired TurboJet tender.

Turbojets are renowned for their unsurpassed performance, remarkably smooth operation and excellent manoeuvrability on the water. Comfortably seating up to four adults, Azure Ultra’s new tender is able to seamlessly cruise the coastline, transport guests to shore, and embark on cave explorations at top speeds of up to 48 mph (77 kph).

Excellent manouevrability enables the TurboJet to easily transport guests to and from shore.

The TurboJet aims to maximise the fun factor for Azure Ultra members and guests – be it an exhilarating boat ride out into the open seas, laid-back cruising around hidden coastal gems, or lunch at a quaint Mediterranean restaurant ashore.

Azure Ultra's growing family: two Sunseeker yachts, TurboJet tender, and kayaks available to charter guests.

The TurboJet 325 enjoys a host of first-class features including teak-laid flooring with LED deck lights, bathing platform, ladder and underwater lights for a comfortable bathing experience during any time of the day.

The smooth operator: Azure Ultra's TurboJet 325.

Adding to the luxury aspect, the tubes on this customised tender boat sport the brand’s trademark colours – carbon black and white, with the Azure Ultra logo prominently displayed on its silver upholstery. Once again, Azure Ultra proves that it's five stars all around for a beyond ordinary yacht charter experience.

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